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A Journey To Disability Awareness

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Activity Type: Youth Exchange
Place: Çameli, Denizli, Türkiye
When: 07/09/2022-16/09/2022 
Number of Participants: 43


With this method of learning by experience, the main goal is to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into society. These will be achieved by gaining the ability to be self-sufficient, express themselves, strengthen their social dialogue, and make them more physically healthy. Moreover, they will improve their employment capacity by providing their competencies and qualifications, save from the syndrome of being addicted and excluded, become active citizens, participate in intercultural interaction, and strengthen their self-confidence and abilities.

The objectives were to:
  • Participants increase their confidence in this project, discover their talents, and realize their potential.
  • Participants to get a better understanding of EU citizenship, adopt values and strengthen their feelings about EU citizenship.
  • Participants emphasized the importance of multilingualism with participants from different countries, increasing awareness of Europeanization and EU citizenship while tolerating different cultures.
  • Participants to strengthen their participation in the labor market.




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