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A (self) Learning Journey

Activity Type: Training Course

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

When: 10/07/2023-19/07/2023

Number of Participants: 40

During and after the program, you will be able to: 

  • Go deeper into PRACTICE and THEORY in order to UNDERSTAND and DO better, starting with ourselves,
  • Try Chinese breathing techniques along with PROPER body movement and relaxation, based on ancient martial arts and meditation practices-hear, feel, listen and speak about non-violent communication in order to rearrange our life perspective!
  • Self-criticism and different types of judgement, obligation, critique or disapproval-become familiar with a solution focus approach, using your own strengths and goals to achieve and do more in your daily life-have a lot more information and practical tools in your hands, so that you can start to better your future, your current life and of course – your 🌿Mental health!

Find the infopack of the project here👇

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