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About Us

KINITRO (in Greek means motivation) Aims to Create an Inclusive World Full of Accessible Education and Active Citizens

Career fair event for all.

KINITRO is a Social Enterprise in the form of a non-profit organization. It’s aim is to educate people from all different backgrounds with non-formal and informal education methods, in order to create an inclusive and accessible society, where everyone has the opportunity to be themselves while improving their attitudes and enhancing their skills.

KINITRO offers non-formal education trainings for businesses, schools and other organizations, on different topics related to social rights. It’s core activity is designing and implementing tailor-made disABILITY AWAREness trainings in a workshop: Labyrinth of Senses.

Our Manifesto

-The purpose of equity centered education is to help everyone flourish, no matter what happens in life.

-To thrive as global citizens, we must be equipped with a breadth of skills. In a fast-changing world focusing on traditional academic skills will remain important, but that is not enough.

-We close the skills gap while enhancing creativity one KINITRO Corporate Training at a time with personalized learning and non-formal education methods, while we facilitate team-bonding activities.

-KINITRO provides women and vulnerable targeted groups empowerment through problem-solving and creative thinking workshops with the help of #IamRemarkable workshop, a Google Initiative.

-We discover unlimited opportunities through the eyes of world citizens with our unique traineeship programs, cross-cultural awareness projects, and lifelong learning trainings.

-KINITRO creates a safe environment for unique learning experiences with our interactive workshops based on sustainable development goals, social campaigns, and KINITROnGO Academies.

-We aim to make people think and do little things in their daily life in a different way so as to promote the right to be different and to love yourself for being who you really are, using sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch as tools for a journey full of different perceptions and ways of thinking.

-KINITRO equity-centered trainings, will take you to a world where diversity, equality, acceptance, and respect prevail.


KINITRO targets issues that affect people from vulnerable social groups and promotes inclusion and interaction among all through educational workshops based on Non-Formal Education.


KINITRO is an innovative “Initiative for Education” that follows Non Formal education methods, as proposed by the European Union’s Key Competencies and complies with the “Inclusion and Diversity Strategy” of the European Commission.


It aims to educate people from all different backgrounds to be inclusive, open to accept and learn from one another. KINITRO designs and implements thematic projects and seminars helping to tackle social issues.


KINITRO team shares a common working ethos, and perception for social impact, that helps them with finding the SPARK in them for a change.

Our Team

Let's get to know each other

Gabriela Telekfalvi

Founder And General Director

Leonard Schmidt

Co-Founder and Social Media Director

Panagiota Nitsou

Community Director

Michael Voudouris

HR Director

Our Home

Egg – Enter•Grow•Go

Our home is in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, where startups and NGOs need the right environment to incubate and accelerate their growth. At Egg – Enter•Grow•Go, an esteemed incubation-acceleration program, we opened doors to a world of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive support system provided us with the resources we needed to thrive, transforming innovative ideas into thriving businesses. 

Join us on a journey where innovation meets success. More info here:

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