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All Right For Social Rights

Activity Type: Training Course

Place: Recoaro Terme, Italy

When: 27/06/2022-04/07/2022

Number of Participants: 29

The overall aim of the training course is aimed to develop the youth workers, and youth leaders’ skills and competencies to support young people’s access to social rights through implementing the Enter Recommendation in their local realities and international level. More specifically, the course explored ways to prevent early school leaving and support young people’s access to employment through local and international youth projects according to the proposals of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Youth Foundation.

The objectives were to:

  • Develop the participants’ knowledge about the Enter! Recommendation and to reflect on how to apply them in their local contexts;
  • Explore, analyze and reflect on ways to implement the Enter! Recommendation especially in promoting access to employment and preventing early school leaving among young people;
  • Contribute to improving dialogue and cooperation among youth workers, youth leaders, and youth policy makers for new initiatives that sustain and strengthen the usage of Enter! Recommendation at local and international levels;
  • Invent local and international youth projects based on the Enter! Recommendations in order to support employability and prevent early school leaving of young people according to the proposals of Erasmus+ programme and European Youth Foundation.
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