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Anti-racism in Practice and As Practice

Visual content for project's promotion

Activity Type: Training Course

Place: Österfärnebo, Sweden

When: 03/11/2022-11/11/2022

Number of Participants: 29


The primary goal of “Anti-racism in Practice and As Practice” is for the participants to strengthen their capacities in counteracting racism, supporting anti-racist struggles, and implementing anti-racist projects.

The objectives were to:
  • Provide youth workers with practical tools and strategies for counteracting xenophobia and racism.
  • Enhance the awareness among youth workers and organizations of racism against youth in civil society.
  • Address the work and knowledge gap on the interrelated problems of decreasing youth participation, the shrinking space of civil society, and the rise of xenophobia and racism.


Positive feedback from Kinitro written on a postcard Youth exchange post card


Anti-racism workshop with poster
Anti-racism in Practice and As Practice workshop
Anti-racist movements poster
Kinitro event for Anti-racism in Practice and As Practice
Kinitro workshop with objectives slideshow
Group picture at Anti-racism in Practice and As Practice
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