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Activity Type: Youth Exchange
Place: Bankya, Bulgaria
When: 15/04/2022-25/04/2022
Number of Participants: 48


GEM report 2019/ 20 shows that perceived opportunities in EU and Eastern Partnership countries range between 30% – 60%, but the established business ownership rate is a maximum of 13%. There is a big gap. Partner organizations studied that young people see these opportunities; They have the motivation to build social enterprises, but issues like fear of failure, lack of awareness, and not enough competencies – hold them back.

The objectives were to:
  • Raise awareness and the sense of social entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Strengthen young people’s sense of initiative in the social field in order to support their communities.
  • Equip participants with the necessary competencies needed for putting their initiatives into practice.
  • Raise participants’ level of confidence and motivate them to kick-start social enterprises.
  • Let participants overcome the fear of failure and improve their positive attitude towards the labor market.
  • Foster a transnational exchange of ideas and transmission of competencies and to see the added value of diversity.


Student post card with feedback Student post card with feedback


Demolife group holding Greek flag
Demolife presentation at event
DEMOLIFE group activity outdoors
DEMOLIFE group discussion with presentation
Demolife event group picture
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