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Activity Type: Training Course
Place: Narva, Estonia
When: 20/02/2022–01/03/2022
Number of Participants: 28


According to a number of studies and scientific papers, we have witnessed that a large number of young people and target marginalized groups have problems in the process of social adaptation and affirmation in society. They face huge problems and barriers and do not have the opportunity to actively socialize and improve their personal competencies, knowledge, and performance. Creating an inclusive society through entrepreneurship and promoting equal opportunities for all is a process that offers enormous challenges and opportunities for international cooperation.

The objectives were to:
  • Train the participants in the process of acquiring new knowledge in the field of social inclusion and working with marginalized persons;
  • Expand the knowledge of participants in the field of social entrepreneurship as a tool for solving social problems of marginalized categories;
  • Train and introduction the participants to how to create activities for marginalized people through non-formal education;
  • Train the participants on how to create methods for social affirmation of the marginalized persons and their connection with the social society;
  • Direct the participants in the process of professional development in order to be involved in the process of education of marginalized persons;
  • Raise the awareness of the participants and understanding of the needs of the marginalized persons.


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