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Loving Volunteering & Inclusive Aggregative Activities

Activity Type: Youth Exchange

Place: Bassano del Grappa, Italy

When: 25/07/2022-31/07/2022

Number of Greek Participants: 4

The proposed path is to make a journey of internal research on the new inclusion styles. More specifically, to offer to children, especially adolescents, viewing new ideas and strategies, creating, inventing, sensing, and experimenting with pilot projects that can allow the development of the concepts of universal brotherhood, conviviality, and sharing. The participation of people with fragility will enable us to know internal faculties that will be able to make us recognize the richness of diversity. A loving attitude is probably the only way to alleviate and make peace. The goal is to increase children’s participation in society by witnessing and living the path offered to us as adults.

The objectives were to:

  • View new ideas and strategies about the concepts of universal brotherhood, conviviality, and sharing.
  • Create, invent, sense, and experiment with pilot projects of new styles of inclusion.
  • Create a document collecting ideas, projects, initiatives, and strategies to be tested and experimented with in neighborhoods, schools, and groups.



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