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Our Services


We build education programs that respect your time and money, so we bring KINITRO, a premium corporate partner.

1. Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Trainings

Closing the skills gap while enhancing creativity one KINITRO Corporate Training at a time.

  • Personalized learning
  • Non-Formal education
  • Team-Bonding activities

02. Social Rights and Equality Workshops

Equity. Education. Entrepreneurship

  • Women empowerment
  • Problem Solving
  • Innovative thinking

03. Youth Activations

Creating a safe environment for unique learning experiences

  • Interactive workshops based on Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social Campaigns
  • KINITROnGO Academies

04. Exchange Programs

Discovering unlimited opportunities through the eyes of a world citizen

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Cross-Cultural awareness
  • Traineeship


We have educated children with and without disability and their parents, students, international audience, businesses and people of any different background at the same time without any limitations on age, education, background or nationality.

We spread the message of inclusive education from South Korea to the Atlantic Ocean and from Sweden to Egypt.

We create tailor-made experiences for Businesses, Schools and other Organizations, on different topics closely related to social rights.


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