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Partnership Strategies for NGOs

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Activity Type: Training Course
Place: Bansko, Bulgaria
When: 16/10/2022-24/10/2022
Number of Participants: 28


The project Partnership Strategies for NGOs (PSN) comes as a common effort to overcome the lack of information and experience on European projects, the need to improve the quality of Erasmus+ projects, raise awareness of the Programme at the local level as an opportunity for young people to take part and participate actively at local and European level, driving them towards inclusion.

There is a real need to get to know better European opportunities for youth, explore them deeply and get to know how to implement quality projects, plus explore topics such as youth work, youth empowerment, and participation. In this way, we all will have a common understanding of what European projects mean for us and how they can be a tool to support young people and promote participation and inclusion.

The objectives were to:
  • Explore in detail Erasmus + program and opportunities within the new program period;
  • Youth empowerment and motivation through quality projects;
  • Quality partnerships establishment;
  • How to develop better opportunities for youth;
  • Work on inclusion, especially for those with fewer opportunities;
  • Explore youth work and youth participation;
  • Work on the needs of the partner organizations to establish future partnerships based on their needs (multiplying partnership effect);
  • Work on difficulties NGOs face around Europe in the matter of youth participation;
  • Share best practices and discuss difficulties;
  • Empower NGOs to better support youth through European opportunities;
  • Gather partners with different experiences and share our knowledge and experience toward projects quality improvement and youth participation and inclusion;
  • Explore the concept of Non – formal Education and soft skills for young people and youth workers.


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