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Project Writing & Project Management

Visual content for Sofia, Bulgaria Training Course

Activity Type: Training Course
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
When: 19/09/2022-26/09/2022
Number of Participants: 25


The Training Activity Project Writing and Project Management involved 25 youth leaders and youth workers in a 7 days learning experience of creating their own projects, from the stage of understanding better the programme Erasmus+, building partnerships among NGOs involved in the activity, developing a project together, based on the NGOs target group needs. When the needs assessment gave conclusions on what is the necessity to create new projects, the participants wrote their own projects based on it, together, in small groups. They also explore the different stages of a project and methods of project management, so the participants can feel more confident in running and writing their own projects, in partnership matters together with other organizations.

The objectives were to:
  • Get a better clarification on the Programme Erasmus+ and its sectors and which
  • application forms to be used;
  • Clarify where and how we fill the project application forms;
  • Better support participants in writing their projects and get answers to questions they may have about them;
  • Clarify formalities needed to apply for projects within the Erasmus+ Programme: 2021-2027, based on the Programme Guide;
  • Be a source of information in the matter of tools and resources for project management;
  • Give the chance of receiving knowledge about European programmes, with a focus on the Erasmus+ Programme, sector of youth;
  • Draw a better understanding of:
    • What are European projects and European grants;
    • What are the priorities and objectives of the Programme Erasmus+;
    • Where to look for further information;
    • The features of the Programme;
    • How and when to apply for projects;
    • The target groups of different projects.
  • Develop a common understanding of project quality


Student post card with positive feedback Student postcard with positive feedback Student post card with positive feedback Student post card with positive feedback Student postcard with positive feedback


Project Writing & Project Management event
: Project Writing & Project Management event poster
Project Writing & Project Management event
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