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Pan Rights | Youth Exchange

YOUTH EXCHANGE 27 APRIL- 4 MAY (excluding travel days) LAMIA, GREECE (Instagram Post) (2)

A unique educational trip full of workshops and activities on human rights took place from 27th April to 4th of May in Raches Lamia. 31 people from Romania, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, and Greece came to the wonderful NISI Raches and created their own awareness and educational campaigns on human rights.

During the training the participants:

  • developed knowledge about human rights, got a better understanding of notions, such as “discrimination”, “social obstacles” and “inclusion”.
  • reviewed all they already knew about the world of human rights, but also about their own abilities, as they discover new skills and learn to communicate effectively;
  • enhanced their critical and creative thinking, teamwork, and interaction
  • gained knowledge on how to achieve social good, how to tackle major social issues and offered new, innovative ideas for social change;
  • were empowered, in order to engage and contribute in their local community.

The program is co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps Greece of the European Commission and supported by the Erasmus+ Youth Greece.

Watch the aftemovie of the project for further inspiration:

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Pan Rights | Youth Exchange

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