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Activity Type: Youth Exchange
Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
When: 25/07/2022-01/08/2022
Number of Participants: 25


The main elements of the activity and aims for implementing such YE are personal growth and recognition of support. By using learning by practicing these methodologies, we aim to understand the proper mechanisms which each individual can use to reach their own improvement and empowerment at all levels of life. These are achieved according to the following steps. Firstly, by arriving at a level of safety and peace. Second – by opening up and sharing thoughts and experiences with each other. Thirdly – by understanding the form of the problems they face, and finally – by finding new motivation and ways to recharge energies. The program also included new ways of overcoming common problems or issues with common elements.

The objectives were to:
  • Develop a better understanding of ourselves (identity and value-based learning);
  • Develop an understanding of well-being as a holistic approach to human well-being;
  • Look for support among friends and peers – a sustainable approach to well-being;
  • Understand how our brain works: psychology and mindfulness; and support the continuation of the work developed in the YE.



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