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Youth For Climate Action


Activity Type: Youth Exchange
Place: Samokov, Bulgaria
When: 06/09/2021-14/09/2021
Number of Participants: 40


The planet’s climate is changing faster than at any time in the history of modern civilization due to human activity. Rising temperatures, desertification, drought, melting glaciers, and floods are just some of the effects: climate change also generates migration and conflicts for natural resources. With the creation of this exchange, we aim at raising awareness among 40 young people between 18 and 30 years old from 2 European and 2 African countries about the impact of climate change on humanity and identifying possible solutions for local and global actions.

The objectives were to:
  • Increase the level of consciousness concerning climate change and its impact on humanity of 40 participants from Europe and Africa.
  • Bring participants to an increased understanding of the environmental problems that the world faces nowadays.
  • Get motivated to make a positive change in their local environment.
  • Identify solutions that young people are able to carry out when they go back home;
  • Learn how to organize a campaign for environmental awareness.
  • Reflect on the learning process and learn more about Youthpass.



Youth For Climate Action event outside
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